Women Decide What’s Important in Women’s Health Research


Women must set the priorities in women’s health research. While historically this hasn’t happened, together we will change that. You decide. What do you think should be the focus of women’s health research?

Join the community partnering with women and bringing their voice to research priorities.

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Our goal is to bring women’s voice, lived experience, and priorities to bear on science by listening directly to them so that advocacy and science can directly benefit what matters most to them in the current environment.

— Dawn Barry, President and Co-founder, Steward of Womens Health


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Gillian Hooker, PhD, ScM, LCGC

Concert Genetics Executive
President, National Society of Genetic Counselors

Erica Ramos, MS, CGC

Genome Medical Executive

Omar E Cornejo, PhD

Population Geneticist

We need to know what women really care about and not limit ourselves to the questions that research institutions focus on. To bridge this gap, we need to ask and listen to women about their priorities.

— Gillian Hooker, PhD, ScM, LCGC

Researchers often assume or guess about what’s important to women. It’s high time we centered the women’s health agenda on what women say matters most to them.

— Erica Ramos, MS, CGC

Share your top priorities for women’s health research.

Next, we’ll compile the feedback with our study partners.

Then, we’ll publish the results to catalyze the research that is needed.

Finally, we’ll explore follow-on women’s health studies based on the learnings, in collaboration with you and prominent researchers.